Congratulation to Nuar Manan

Anuar Manan makes history when he took the First ever Malaysian stage winner at ltdl today Stage from Muar to Port Dickson 111.5KM :P

as a Malaysian, doesn't matter from what team he was representing ,I'm still proud with him but if he ride representing for LeTua cycling team lagi la seronok mendengarnya :D...some people will says that this year we got no Pro tour team in LTDL but who cares... his name already listed in one of the stage winner for LTDL :D

For me LTDL this year a bit boring when we got no live telecast at TV1 with hasbullah awang as a commentator hahaha so we can't hear he says "Karvelo" anymore la hehehehe suppose carvelo :D and no flashback at nite like last year...siang kita kerja mana la sempat mau tengok TV :(

anyway congratulations to Anuar Manan..keep ur good work and good riding

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