earthlink new jersey n bib

finally haaaaaa

berhempas pulas pikir nak buat team jersey sendiri akhirnya tertunai la gak hehehe

for those who like to booking / buy our new jersey. you can email me at the price for jersey n bib is just RM 300.00 and if you just like to buy the jersey the price is just RM150.00

the jersey quality is same as like Champion System and they to at the same factory just with the different brand...seriously the materiel is so good..

last booking is end of this month..and you can collect it by May 2011 so you can ware it at hatyai Mountain Bike Jamboree hehehehe

Please Respect Cyclists.We Are Road User Too

tragic cyclist accident

sabtu lepas pagi tu aku tak keluar kayuh pon sebab ingat mau lepak rumah le n nak g pasar ngn wife but pagi pagi tu dalam jam 8.30 aku dapat kira macam new chat dalam group W2 BBM aku..they said that one senior PCC cyclist Mr PK died sebab accident kat MAX Highway.

kemalangan berlaku pada jam 8.15 pagi n ketika tu dia yang selalunya akan keluar kayuh bersama family tapi pada hari tersebut dia kayuh berseorangan...he was his by proton persona n nasib baik that driver didn't run away..

aku nak kata kenal sangat dgn PK ni tak ler sangat tapi tau ler di tu yang mana satu so kehilangan dia ada gak ler aku terasa sikit sbb dia memang selalu kasi big support dalam arena basikal ni

apa pon may he Rest In Peace...
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Please Respect Cyclists.We Are Road User Too


oppssssss sorry no story bout my riding activities hehe dan bukan ada apa apa "Gemilang" achievement yang aku dapat pon hehehe

tapi saja je nak promote salah satu Malay Drama / Movie yang aku minat pulak nak tengok tak tau naper malay movie mcm ni plak yang aku minat nak tengok such as malay movie sebelum ni Mukhsin arahan Yasmin Ahmad and Rock arahan Mamat Khalid hehehe citer citer mcm ni plak yang aku minat nak tengok

For this Gemilang Drama
The 13 episode drama is already aired since 24 January 2011. written by Mira Mustaffa and directed by kabir bhatia berkisarkan sekitar tahun 70an, dari apa yang aku baru google tadi katanya ia berdasarkan kisah benar yang terjadi pada seseorang. saper orang tu ntah ler yang wataknya dilakonkan oleh Shahz Jazle

apa pon yang pastinya citer ni best korang tengok la sendiri hehehe lagu dia pon ok gak per hehe sekali skala dalam hati ada taman apa salahnya kan hehehehe

Please Respect Cyclists.We Are Road User Too

Interview with heero yui

allo readers, actually this is my 100 posts for this blog since 2007 when i start become a blogger hahaha 100 posts after 5 years :P

and to make this is special "issue", me (Blogger) would like to "interview" with Heero Yui as a hero in this blog hahahaha Poyo

Date : 2 Mac 2011
Time : 2.40pm
Location : Earth.

Heero Yui is Ex-pro MTB Rider around 90th and now just a normal person and chubby weekends rider what he know is just eat and sleep then complaining about his fatty body :D

Blogger (Bg) : Hi Mr Heero nice to meet you and thanks a lot for give me a time to get to know you more.

Heero Yui (Hy) : Hi nice to meet you prob i also got no work to do now.

Bg : Can you tell us little bit of your Mountain Bike background.

Hy : Yup, I was born on 1981 and start riding Mountain Bike since 1993 with Perak Mountain Bike Club (PMBC).

Bg : What your day job?

Hy : For now, i just a Youth and Sport Officer at ministry Of Youth and Sports Malaysia.

Bg : Tell ur how you were introduced to Mountain Bike Racing.

Hy : Actually it's came from my dad that bought me a new Mountain Bike after a got a not so great result in UPSR and it's was a Raleigh brand made in England and it's a heavy bike. Since that i try to follow my brother with one MTB group that always lepak just around my house. by that time there is some hard core riders like Mr. Jaafar we call him mejar, Epy, Jojo and also wahid Senario. My parents give me a good support and i take is as my serious sport. My first race is at Kampar Perak in 1994 and i got 8 place for that race with this team. after that doesn't matter where the races will be held we will go such as at Bukit Katil and Asahan, Malacca, Perlis, Kelantan and also at Batang Ai, Sarawak.

Bg : What your bigger achievement?

Hy : In Mountain Biking I got not so big achievement just represent my state in Sukma that all but in dragon boating, luck to me when i got place to represent my country for a few races hehee

Bg : How often you go to ride or training?

Hy : mmmmmm for now just once or twice a week depend on my mood heheh mostly i just do running around Core island at Putrajaya.

Bg : And so how you maintain your stamina?

Hy : Maintain?? what maintain?? hehehe look my chubby body now you can see am i fit or not hehehe

Bg : Beside Mountain Biking what do you do?

Hy : Triathlon, Mountain / Wall Climbing , Adventure Racing and Dragon Boating also Sailing.

Bg : Sailing??

Hy : Yup, i already take part in Terengganu Monsoon Cup Selection 4th time but our team got no luck to get place in TMC.

Bg : When was your 1st International Mountain Bike Race?

Hy : I doesn't remember in what year but I think the race was held at UIA Gombak and I got 4th place for that race in junior category.

Bg : What is your favourite Mountain Bike XC course and why?

Hy : When i still "single", i love to ride at Kiara MTB Trail but since I'm a married rider, Putrajaya Challenger Park PCP is the best place, why? because the train is not too far from my house hehehe and for long distance trail, I love to ride at Broga (40km ++) because of the same reason Broga trail is just behind my house hehehe

Bg : Who is your Mountain Biker legend?

Hy : Off course John Tomac when he still in Giant Team, Ned Overend from Specialized and Tinker Juarez, Cannandale

Bg : With long distance cycling by using cervelo P1 TT bike and traveling which more do you like?

Hy : Traveling

Bg : New cycling shoe or Hiking Shoe

Hy : Hiking Shoe

Bg : And last question..What would be if you weren't a mountain bike?

Hy : Chubby boy hahahaha

Bg : hehehe thank a lot Mr Heero for give me a time to do this interview..actually i also got no work to do bos have a meeting at Kota Bharu so my eyes already tired for facebook'ing and reading so it's batter I created a new post in my blog hehehe and it was my 100 post.

Hy : ok no prob hehehe and thanks for interviewing me

so that some interview with Mr. Heero Yui ok now i already got a work to do calosss hahahaha

Please Respect Cyclists.We Are Road User Too