hadyai mtb race

date : 10 - 11 sept 2005
place : hadyai MTB race park

***this time i will wrote in malay plak hehehe

Our MTB adventure journey this time is to Hadyai Thailand for international mountain bike race.

perjalanan kami bermula pada jam 4.30am from penang using my car. tiba di bukit kayu hitam pada jam 6.30am. even it's sill early morning this place croud by people who want to thailand. lepak dulu jap di duty free shoping complex to waiting border gate open by 7.00am and to make thailand road tax and insuran. settle semua tu kami antara 1st group cross the border hehe masuk je thailand dah kena pow with their imigresen RM 1 for entry fee katanya, lantak ler just RM 1. Road at thailand jauh lebih mundur dari Malaysia their using simen to build the road not tar. before we go to hadyai kitaorg singgah di pekan Krongek to visit bundle havent haha i buy north face original t-shirt just 25baht haha with gundam t. by 10.00am we continue our journey to hadyai and arrive at hadyai town by 11.30 before 12 we already check in at The Regency Hotel just 1200baht for one nite before that kitaorg singgah di PINK Lady hotel the room rate memang la murah but 1 stair from the receiption counter it's got one big "aquarium" with more than 20 beauty gurl inside so for those who want have "fun" just choose and pick that gurl by the number that the gurl wearing haha sapa tak kuat iman blh hancur loo. tak tunggu lama di bilik kitaorg turun jalan2 di town. too many pusat pelacuran kat sini. by using TUT-TUT (motocycle with 1 tyre infront and 2 tyre at back) kitaorg pusing2 hadyai town. nakg mana pun just pay 20baht haha so cheap.

at nite when we pusing2 one Club owner promote their club to us. also by using tut-tut kitaorg pegi ler hehe i dosent remember the club name pekerja sini cukup layan tetamu dari Malaysia tak payah tengok IC cukup umur ke tak kalu thailand people br check b4 u can enter the club.
before 12am kitaorg dah kuar dari situ tomorrow nak race loo mana blh tido lewat tapi tak jadi gak nak tido sempat lagi jalan2 area hotel.

second day bangun awal sangat jam 5.00 prepare to race starting point. ngntuk tul la.

the starting point si too hot but the single trek is beauty it's challenging with downhill and obstacle. tak boleh nak kayuh hari ni too tired (berjalan malam punya pasai ler) so i just ride makan angin jer la to give a best shot for my cam hehehe