Penang Mountain Bike Jamboree 2006

Penang Mountain Bike Jamboree is back this time is more hard core and technical trek

Date : 2 - 3 Dicember 2006
Time 8.30 am
Palce : Penang Youth Park

with my new frame i come again this year to challange my self and i'm not alone this year,with me from KL - Abang, Epoi Janggut and EJ n Kuttas from Ipoh.

from right : Abang, Kuttas, Epoi Janggut, Ej and me.

this time around, i propose we stay at my mom house at kulim more than 50km to starting line.
jamboree this year look not so "life" if compare last past 3years. Don't know why that not our prob hehe

The year before, I could ride up almost all of the concrete Penang Hill route. This year, the off-road uphill was a real killer! Needless to say, the downhills are equally disastrous! Being a real chicken (puah....puk puk), I pushed up and down the steep and muddy slopes upon the command of my near-cramping twitching legs and soar thumb (don't think I fixed my brake levers properly)! I let my self-preservation instincts do the rest! That was how I was able to return in one piece. No guts, so did I deserve the glory? Wished I could try the slopes again at my own time, though it would be a good idea to have an ambulance standby.