The Great Singapore MTB Carnival

Last nite i just got email from DirTraction mantion bout next great race yang akan diadakan pada 28 Februari - 1 Mar 09 at Tampinies MTB Trail, Singapore.

detail yang aku lihat dalam blog Ling The Merciless ada mcm mcm acara and katagori like 100km MTB Marathon, Dirty Dualthlon, Super D Race, Short Track Race, Speed Trails, School Challange and Kids Race, also got Rock Concert and Carnival.

and yang paling penting sekali 24Hr Solo World Champion Tinker Juarez akan datang kembali for this challange check out his blog Tinker Juares

awal tahun lepas Singapore penah menganjurkan 24HR endurance race ni and antara rider malaysia yang hadir biasa la Lim the evil, sehebat hebat dia tu dia pon kena overlap by tinker dasat giler tuh

so this year aku mewakili DirTraction menjemput semua rider tak kira Malaysia ke Thailand ker marilah beramai ramai joining this great race....kasi hantam itu Tinker hehehehehe

for more and more detail lawat lah sendiri Singapore MTB Carnival nak register terus dalam nie pon tak per

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Max said...

Thanks for posting this Heero!!! Hope to see you all here in Singapore!

heero yui said...

no prob bro, i will try to go for this great carnival

Anonymous said...

dasat la bro. tinker juarez pon ada linkkan blog u ni dalam blog dia yer :D

LingtheMerciless said...

Hey Heero,

Not sure if you got the latest news but Gary Fisher is also coming down for the event! Will be a great opportunity to meet the man himself!

Hope to see you all there!


heero yui said...

alo ling :P

thanks for the info, i still didn't know bout that, i hs ride Gary Fisher before it's was so great if can meet the person who built that bike :D

hope to see u there