Kajang Mountain BIke Hash

Date : 15 July 2007
Time : 8.30am
Location : start at Kajang Technology Park

This weekend, we be headed to Kajang for Mountain Bike Hash. By 8am i already at kajang perdana but nobody there event the organizer rupa-rupanya salah tempat hahahaha then i wait epoi and his mat salleh friend at kajang perdana to the correct starting line at kajang technology park. epoi introduce me as andy to his mat salleh friend hahaha andy lak nama aku kali ni

the hash start by 9.00am, ride through parm estate and new kajang highway but less of trail marking make our hash become kelam kabut dont know which trail should we used.

Epoi finish with "cipan" face
it's going to rain hehehe
by 10.30 i already finishing line boring loo just 1 1/2 hour ride tak best langsung . so epoi and i make decision RIDE TO GENTING hahaha

with my fiancee and epoi