dragon boat

KBS Dragon Boat Team was birth hehehehe. .

Even our team is still "young", we already got 1st place on Putrajaya water Sport Carnival in Dragon Boat catagory. Thanks for all the team members and our coach Mr. Ajis.
we win we win !!!

Our Training is very hard because we know the race was begain just two weeks before. So my KSU give approval for us to training from 8am - 10am and from 5pm-7pm every days until the race begain so with that my weight loss 4kg great achievement hehehehe

Sad to our gurl team they loss at final at 5th place. no wonder la, they still got no great teamwork, kayuh pon beterabur lagi tak sekata so korang tak reti-reti ke nak training hehe

Mr Ajis said want to make kenduri to celebrate our wining so just wait the time will come

KBS Dragon Boat Team

Man Catagory
  1. Ajis
  2. Shamsul
  3. Jambu
  4. pian
  5. Faizul
  6. Irfan - our "Kemudi Man"
  7. pok nik
  8. haji pok cik zin
  9. zainudin
  10. nizam
  11. safuan
  12. shamsuri -they said this man is my twin hahaha
  13. mat salam
  14. daneal
  15. syed
  16. Shauki
  17. me - heero yui
and the ladies / gurl team

  1. Moshi - moshi
  2. Shima
  3. Dayah
  4. Hafiza
  5. Azah
  6. Lailatul Azlina
  7. Rohana
  8. Linda IT
  9. Norzee
  10. Adeq - nak panggil abang is pon blh
  11. Ana Aset
  12. Noras
  13. Noorli - She is not Noorli Pak Wan Chek TV3 Host
  14. Jun - also can call her July or Dicember
  15. Faezah
Our Manager
Mr. Mohd Azhari Mohammad